Re: Spotify?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Vicky:

You wrote in part:

"While I can manage the almost $10 each month, I don't think I could swing 2
or three times that amount, to have Spotify on multiple devices."

I'm sorry dear sis if my previous post wasn't very clear! Let me try again;
if you're going to be the SOLE SUBSCRIBER to Spotify, and you are NOT A
STUDENT, the individual subscription is your best bet. You will be able to
use Spotify on all of your smart toy devices: iPhone, Android, tablet,
iPad, Windows. You WILL NOT NEED a separate login for any of these; the
login details you create will suffice and all your music and podcast choices
should sync across the board.

If, however, you have friends and/or family members you wish to share
Spotify with, the $14.99 monthly subscription will be in play. Each person
will have to be added by you before such a one can configure Spotify to his
or her liking.

Of course, you can use Spotify for free! Doing this does limit what you can
do, and you'll have all the ads to put up with. I think that with FREE
SPOTIFY, you can not create your own playlist.

I hope this note is a tad clearer, if not, I'll try again!

Denver, Colorado

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