Re: Looking for a Braille Me Lesson

Penny Golden

I learned a lot from having my AIRA agent look at things, show them to me, etc.

I found the manual a little less accessible than I would like.

And I am afraid that I am finding the Braille ME a little more trouble than I wish to handle.

I am amazed that it comes up in grade 1 braille, though I ought not to be.  And I recognize that it is at the low end of the price spectrum, but the device cannot be set to grade 2 and left there. no, whenever one opens a document, I believe, one has to set it to grade 2.

Not a problem, but I think the drawbacks, minor as they may be, are serious enough that i will not want to add this device to my arsenal.

I received it in payment of a debt.  I'm glad the debt is paid. and now I think I'll try to find a buyer.

All best, Penny

On 5/18/2020 4:57 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

A User Guide is only as good as its reader.  If that sounds weird, it's meant to.  Think about it.  If you are accustomed to reading manuals, and you know what to look for, learning to use a program or a piece of equipment is easy.  However, you *must* be able to understand the User Guide.  If you do not understand the written documentation, no amount of documentation is going to help!  Some people are completely thrown by User Guides or manuals,especially if the equipment in question is new to them.  If the concepts related to operating the equipment are unfamiliar, then no amount of documentation is going to do any good at all!

Some people learn best if they are shown manually how to do something.  Others learn best by reading instructions.  Still others learn best by listening to instructions.  Some people learn best by using inductive reasoning while others must use deductive reasoning to learn well. It's all dependent on the individual!

Ann P.

Original message:

I do not know but, are they onyoutube? ? I think if you purchases a braille me, it should come with instructions on how to use it, you should not have to pay for the lessons! But, that is just me? That is my 2 cents worth! Always try youtube before you buy lessons that should have come with your unit! Cheers Heather
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Subject: [TechTalk] Looking for a Braille Me Lesson
Speaking of instructors, is anyone able to give me the first basic
lesson on the Braille Me?
Of course, I'm ready to pay for this training.

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