Re: Problem with correct email address in Outlook 2013.


1. Open up Options within Outlook (Alt+F then T).
2. Arrow down to Mail and Tab to
Empty Auto-Complete List button
which is going to be towards the bottom, so it may be easier for you to just
ShiftTab to this button instead.

This is going to clear all of your auto completes though for Outlook, so
don't be expecting anything to automatically fill like you've become
accustomed to.

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I have Windows10, Outlook 2013, and JAWS.

Mistakenly, I put dot net on an address and sent several emails, which came
back. I had also included this address in a group.

So, I have since corrected the address in my address book, and deleted the
group and set it up again - seems easier to do it that way with Outlook.

Mu problem is that it still wants that person's emails sent to dot net,
according to the Mail Delivery system? What can I do to get the net cookie
out of my address

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