Re: Outlook read reciept question


Receipts Within Outlook

1. Within Outlook, go into Options (Alt+F then T for Options).
2. Arrow down once to Mail.
3. Now Tab or ShiftTab until you get to
For any message received that includes a read receipt request:
(There will be something similar to the options below for you to choose).
Always send a read receipt every time
Ask me to send a read receipt every time
Never send a read receipt

And you will just arrow to one of the selections/examples above which you
choose before Tabbing down to OK.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Outlook read reciept question

Hi all,
I'm wondering, is there a way to set Outlook so that it asks me if I want to
request that the person send a read receipt everytime before I send the
email? I have the box in settings checked, and there are times where I want
one, but there are other times where I'm thinking that the person just sends
one without responding, so then I don't want one, I just want them to
respond. I'm running Outlook 2013, Jaws 2018 and Windows 10. Hope this makes
sense, if it doesn't then please tell me. Thanks Madison

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