Re: Second PC--Wi-Fi question

Melissa Hambleton <nightfury19@...>

Seems the most easiest and sensible thing to do is for my boyfriend to use
Wi-Fi on the second PC in the home.

I have another question then.

Some time ago (Verizon's internet service that we have) things seemed to go
slower than it should and we called the tech support and they helped us by
putting our online service on another channel? That is what they called it
so forgive me if this is wrong. It sort of seemed alright after that and we
had the highest speed at the time with Verizon. What I'm concerned about
with the Wi-Fi is that if my son is playing online on his game consul, I
can't stream anything on my PC and my boyfriend can't stream anything on the
Smart TV we have because things start to lag.

What can I do or ask Verizon to look into so that all three of us can be
online at the same time doing our own things without things breaking up or


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