USPS informed delivery?

Troy Burnham

I think I just signed up for USPS informed delivery, will I get a confirmation e-mail if I was successful? I say I think I did because I had to try 3 different user names before I found one that seemed to work.

Also, I have a package due to arrive next Tuesday but it was mailed yesterday, since I've just signed up for the service will I be notified about this package or just any future packages?



On 5/21/2020 1:10 PM, Gerald Levy via wrote:

I suggest signing up for USPS Informed Delivery, a free servvice that will send you an email alert each morning you have mail or packages scheduled for delivery that day:


On 5/21/2020 1:18 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I have a USPS tracking number for a package I'm expecting, but when I go to google and type in United States postal service package tracking and paste the number into the field it says to put my tracking number into I can't get any info.

The package was apparently sent yesterday afternoon so there may not be a lot of info yet, but when I've tracked packages from UPS for example in the past there was at least something on the page saying that they were waiting on the package. Can anybody help me?



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