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I like Terrilynne's definition. Here's what I would add.

First, think of a stream as water flowing from one location to another. You don't get all of the water all at once but it flows at a steady stream. When you stream audio from another server to your own computer or smart phone the audio doesn't first download all of the content to your device. Instead, like the stream of water the content flows at (hopefully) a steady rate of speed from its original source to your device. If your connection is good then you'll keep getting enough of it for a continuous flow, so to speak, so that you'll be able to hear it from beginning to end as it flows or streams into your device. This is true for both audio as well as video, such as watching a TV show on demand from your cable provider or listening to an album on Apple Music.

Sometimes, you do have the option of downloading the entire audio or video content first before you start playing it. In that case you wouldn't really be streaming it because all of the content would be on your device before you started playing it.

One example where you cannot download something first would be a radio station since this is content which is constantly playing from a server. In that case, you would need to stream it in order to listen to it.

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Data streaming, commonly seen in the forms of audio and video streaming, is when a multimedia file can be played back without being completely downloaded ...
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Hi all,

My mom asked me yesterday what is meant by streaming, and I kind of know what it is but I was wondering if someone could explain it in words that a nontech person would understand? All I could think to tell her is to give her an example that if somebody sends her a video like on facebook when she watches that video that's a type of streaming, and I also told her that there are services that stream television channels, the example I used was Apple Tv. She knows that we wouldn't be able to stream channels on the regular televisions we have now. Can somebody tell me an easier way to explain it though, and even give me examples of sources for streaming television channels besides Apple tv? I'd like to know this info myself.



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