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I wouldn't expect good sounding, much less great sounding speakers from any laptop.  Do you want speakers to carry around with the laptop?  How large?  The question can't be properly answered without more information.

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Hey there Veronica, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio, feel free to call me B Z, grin!  My wife Kathy and I are shopping for new windows ten laptops, which one did you find that has great sounding speakers?  Stay safe and have a great rest of your holiday.  BZ!     


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Subject: [TechTalk] Regarding SiriusXm


I would appreciate information from any of you that have an account with Sirius XM and listen online.  My e-mail account is on a windows 7 machine, but I am trying to listen to XM radio on a windows 10 computer because of great sounding speakers, so therefore I cannot click on any of the links that I receive from their e-mails.  The website does not seem very accessible at all.  I can log in with my user name and password, but after that I can make no sense from the website.  I would like to know how you go about reading the website with Jaws.  Thank you for any information and/or tips.




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