Re: question about upgrading the Victor reader's memory


Yes, you are going to have to re-enter whichever keys you had prior to the newer internal memory was installed.

For NLS BARD, you will just need to sign into your account upon the Victor and the key will/should automatically download and install itself for you without any problems.

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Subject: [TechTalk] question about upgrading the Victor reader's memory

Hi all,

I'm getting my Victor reader 2nd edition back tomorrow after sending it to Ultimate Tech Mods a couple of weeks ago to have the memory upgraded.
If any of you have ever had this done, when you got it back did you have to reenter your bard info, and did you have to put the special key back that the nls sends? Btw if it helps answer the question I kept the sd card here when I sent the machine for the upgrade.

I also was subscribed to a few podcasts and I'm guessing I'll have to resubscribe to them, unfortunately I didn't think to export them, but I only have 6 or 7 so that won't be a big deal.



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