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Thank you.
A few folks gave me exactly what I was asking for yesterday.
I did clarify i wanted a key board, not braille.
And I asked where to find information so I can do some research.
Many gave me helpful tips and where to go to do this.
I appreciated those who answered my request.
Thanks again.

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Hi all,

That depends on the notetaker. It depends on whether you want a braille tablet or a notetaker. For example, the Orbit Reader 40 is
priced at $1,399.00. It is a notetaker, not a tablet. On the other
hand, the new Windows tablet from Vespero, the ElBraille, is priced at $5,900.00. Best advice is to seek info from archives of Blind Bargains, AFB's Access World, and TechTalk from Accessible World. Read about the notetakers and the tablets and then you can ask questions on the lists for those items.

Ann P.

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Also, if you are looking for a notetaker, you should set a price as
the bidding opens at thousands of dollars.
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Most notetakers come with either braille or qwerty keyboards. What
type of keyboard are you looking for? Do you want something basic like
the Braille and Speak, or would you rather have something like the
BrailleNote products that have email, Internet, and other capabilities.
I think that once you figure out what you want in a notetaker, your
search will be easier.
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