Re: Audible and Rockboxed Sansa Clip Zip


You'll have to convert it to a friendlier file type like MP3 to play
it on a Rockboxed player. Rockbox refuses to play any drm-protected
media. Although they could get around it the devs don't wish to
attract any negative legal attention to themselves besides not
agreeing with the idea of DRM-protection in the first place.

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On 5/25/20, Steven Johnson <> wrote:
Good evening everyone. I would like to listen to my Audible books on the
Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox. I use Windows 10 and I have the Audible
Manager. My PC is also authorized to play Audible books. I see Sansa
Digital Devices under Audible Manager's list of devices, but I can't seem
figure out how to get Audible Manager to initialize my Clip. Anyone know
I can actually listen to Audible on my Clip? If so, could you share some
tips. Thanks for your help.

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