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Marilyn and Don Bilderback

Thanks so much for stepping in, Gene.  I wasn’t on my computer yesterday.  The instructions worked and I thank you.  I got confused by the message on NVDA list about editing that I posted to the Techtalk list too.  But then I forgot what list I said what on.  My bad.  My big regret is that I didn’t ask on list sooner and save myself a headache.  I  hope this information also helped others.  Marilyn


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Are you a member of the NVDA list?  I sent the solution there.  Here is the solution, if it is to the problem you are asking about. 


First is the question followed by my answer.




Subject: [nvda] Curser

I don't know what caused this but today my computer has started saying "edit curser", app star curser and normal curser.  However it got there, How do I get it to stop?

It's probably report mouse shape changes setting.
Open mouse settings, control NVDA m, Then read the current line.  I think you are on the setting to turn this on and off.  if it is checked, uncheck it with the space bar.
    Tab to and activate the o.k. button.



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