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Madison Martin

WorlPool is supposed to be a good brand. Not sure what brand ours is...

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It probably depends on the frontloader. You probably have a more expensive one
than they were willing to pay for here. Pam.

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That is not true! My world pool front loder has a button to stop the machine and
you can drop something in to the machine and turn it back on. So it is not true
you cant add things to the machine when it starts if you have
afront loader. Please make sure to get your facts straight. Front loaders
do not use as much water and they do not have an agitator that your loads can
get stuck on. SO when shopping, ask if the front loader has a stop button to
add items after the machine starts; most do unless you are getting the very low
end machine!
cheers Heather
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If you forget to put something in a front loader washer, you cannot add
it. My roommate did that one time without thinking, and there was quite a
flood. Of course the water just came right out when she opened the door.
With a top loader, you can open the lid and put it in before it fills up
all the way. I like "more better for that reason. Some of my aids put
the front loader back on thinking that it is the dryer. So the clothes go
through the cycle again with just water. Then they think that the dryer
is broken when the clothes are still wet. I then make them pay for the
dryer on top so that they will learn to use their head for more than a
hatrack. One of them put a drum very mine on the heater. I could not
understand why I kept hearing snapping sounds een the heater was stopping
during cycles. It took me a week to find what the sound was. A
maintenance man came in to do something for me, and he told that my drum
was on the heater. The tuning strings were expanding when the heat would
switch on, and then they would snap back when the heat would turn off. I
was not happy with the aid. I knew who did it based on who was here and
when I began hearing the snapping sound coming from the heater. Thank the
Lord that the drum was ok and not damaged. That was a miracle. No
instrument or electronic device should ever be near weather or heat and
air conditioner. Never near a window.


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