Re: How do I unzip files with Windows 10?

Nancy Hill

Monty, where did you get your winzip?  And you are sure it is a free version and not just a free trial?



On 5/28/2020 8:33 AM, Monte Single wrote:

I think 7zip rocks.

It’s free.

It’s simple, I just  use the 7zip submenu in the context menu.

…and it unzips anything I toss in the hopper.


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Will 7 zip extract rar files?


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Just install 7Zip from where nothing else will be installed hidden or not, and 7Zip will allow you to unzip/decompress many different formats.


Unzipping/Decompressing Instructions after 7Zip is installed.


You would just highlight whichever file it is that you’re interested in unzipping/decompressing and then using your Applications key (or Shift+F10) hit the number 7 and this will open up the 7Zip menu options to unzip.

Just arrow to either

Extract Here or,

Extract to whichever folder name created by the name of the file you are extracting and press Enter.


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Hello Gene

I am sorry but you are wrong on this one. An earlier version of win10 could do what you suggest but it was taken out by a later win10 update. When I now press the application key I just get Winzip which is not free and another one that one also has to buy. I do not know if this is true for other users of windows 10 but it is like that on my pc.





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It has one.  I don't know what it extracts, MP3 certainly.  I don't have Windows 10 but its very likely to be the same as in Windows 7 to extract files. 

Be on the file name.  Open the context menu. 

Down arrow to extract all and press enter.

A wizard will open with perhaps two dialogs before extraction.  If you have questions or problems using them, let us know.  Unless you change what will happen by default, files will be extracted to a folder, created in the folder you are in.  For example, if the name of the zip file is Sixties a folder will be created in the folder where the zip folder is with that name and all the extracted files in it.

All you need do to have this happen is press the next button perhaps twice. 


7zip is a popular third party extraction program but if you don't need it, the Windows extractor works well.



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Does Windows 10 have a built-in file extractor or do I need to get
one?  Either way, could someone post instructions on how I would unzip
files and what accessible software works best please?



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