Questions about a .action file

Norma A. Boge

Hi group,

I downloaded a confidential document from the Social Security web site and
it is in the .action format. I've done this twice and have gotten this
Apple-Mac format each time. I am sure I am selecting the correct link.
First, has anyone experienced getting this file format when downloading
confidential documents from the SSA? Or anywhere, for that matter. Unless
I'm hitting the incorrect link, this must be a problem with the SSA site.
But, then again, I'm no expert.
I'm gonna return to the site and, again, look very carefully for the correct
In the meantime, here's a little more about this file format:

An ACTION file is a file written in XCode and used by Automator, a program
for creating automations in macOS. It contains a specific action that can be
combined with other actions to create an automated process (these processes
are saved as .WORKFLOW documents)


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