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Hi BZ!

Shadow here.  I have just said a sad goodbye to my ten-year-old desktop computer which was running Windows 7.  One of the hard drives had failed, and when I took the machine to Columbus Micro Systems, the owner told me that it just wasn't worth putting more money into that computer--replacing the hard drive and upgrading the memory to run Windows 10.  So they built a new computer for me (just the CPU) and the cost was under $400.  My friend Tom Trinter has helped me to install software on the new machine, as it arrived with only Windows 10.  I enrolled in a month-long Zoom webinar (30 minutes every Friday afternoon) with Access Technology Institute (CathyAnne Murtha).  While I am no expert with Windows 10, I know a heck of a lot more about it than I did prior to that webinar.  I have upgraded to Office 2013 instead of trying to transfer 2010 from the old machine, and have finally gotten Gmail installed on Outlook.  Just yesterday, I finally got my Thunderbird account working with Gmail; I had previously used it with my Spectrum Pop3 account, but it is now installed as a Mapi account--just in case I ever become the owner of an iPhone.  I still use a push-button desk phone and a landline, and have vowed to hang on to that landline for as long as possible.  Unfortunately, I don't know of any tutorials on Thunderbird, but I will ask around.

I will call you, BZ, because I have been thinking about purchasing a microphone or headphones with a microphone to use on my desktop computer for things like Zoom.  To date, I have been signing in on Zoom, and then using a Chicago-based phone number to sign in via phone.  I've only been involved in one Zoom meeting where that arrangement didn't work because the Zoom class wasn't configured for phone calls.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, but of course you know that it has never been about me and it never will!!

Do you know of any JAWS-based email lists?  Mike B, from blindtech or techtalk, suggested two lists, and I tried to sign up for both of them, but nothing has happened yet and that was last weekend.

Take it easy, BZ, and maybe I will talk with you before the end of the weekend!!


At 06:19 PM 5/29/2020, you wrote:
Hey there, shad, how's it going?  Do you know of any good thunderbird
tutorials?  I'm helping Doug Emerson and he'll soon have to switch from
windows mail to Mozilla thunderbird and wondered if you know of any good
Mozilla thunderbird tutorials.  Still working for disa teleworking from home
as I'm in the high risk group, grin1  I'm transferring to disa ocio which is
the reasonable accomodations branch.  Kathy is doing well our granddaughter
Hayley got married last November and her husband Cameron is in the Air Force
and she's getting her visa in the next couple of months so she can go over
to Aviano Italy where he'll be stationed.  Tyler just graduated from Gahanna
Lincoln high school and he will be attending the university of Kentucky as
he wants to become a math teacher.  Kayden, our youngest grandson is nine
and Dawn and her three kids now are living up at her boyfriend Dave's in
Westerville.  This is Dawn's last quarter at Honduras school of nursing to
get her registered nursing degree as she already has her lpn degree.  She
told us that once she graduates that they will get everything out of our
house.  So it's just Kathy, Lacie, Ginger and me.  Lacie is my female yellow
Labrador retriever and Ginger is a standard poodle and definitely is the
queen of France and the boss.  My division chief told me today that the
department of defense wants to get people back to the office but they want a
declind in corona virus cases for 14 days and it just isn't happening so my
division chief told me that I'll probably be teleworking for quite a while
which definitely pleases Lacie and Ginger.  Give me a shout either on my
work phone at 614-692-7124 or on my cell phone at 614-271-1695.  If you ever
need computer help, I'll be glad to help as I tandem in with Doug and help
him out.  Take care!  We're still running windows 7 but are looking for
windows ten machines.  BZ! 

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Hi everyone,

I am a new Thunderbird user with a Gmail account and JAWS 2019, and am
wondering how to enable the BCC field for email messages, please.

Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions.

Greg Daniel

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