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I went on line today and searched for a solution, I came across instructions for getting an access code that you use instead of your password for some clients. But I kept going in circles on their site trying to get the access code.  I am going to try to see if I can talk to a support person to explain this to me to see if this is the solution.

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I have been having the same problems, we have spent many hours with it for the last three years.  Finally, one of the technicians told me that at&t, Pac Bell, (by any other name with that company) does not support Outlook Express-(W.L.M.). 
Also, I have one of those computers from Computers for the Blind, with Windows seven, and now it is not supported.  Before I could purchase one with W-10 on it, we were all placed on lockdown, smile.  And, let me tell you it is not easy to learn.  Now I have to try to learn W-ten. 
The multiple copies of emails finally stopped, but now I am not receiving all my mail.  When I go on line there are 19,000 emails in my in-box.  Go figure!  I don’t know what to do either. 
Any suggestions? 
Cordially, Ms. Kirtley

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