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Sharon S

Hi, so true. We replaced our old washer when it stopped working thinking it
had done its dash. One day dad was out in the shed and decided to pull the
old washer apart to have a look. It turns out the only issue with it was it
had some doggie plastic bags clogging it up. Once they were removed the
machine worked fine. So, when my brother moved into his own house nine years
ago, he took the washer with him. As far as I know it is still working fine
for him.

We used to feed my cat on top of the washer to keep the dogs away from the
food. This meant whenever you needed to open the washer you had to move the
tray of cat things and half the time the cat decided this was the right time
to ask for food. In the end she learnt that if we put a washing basket on
the floor in front of the machine we needed to get her off so she would jump
down as soon as we put the basket on the floor. When we replaced the
machine, we got a front loader however the cat never learnt the difference
and still jumped off whenever we put the basket down even though she didn't
need to.

Bye for now.
Canberra, Australia.

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The older ones sure last longer if you can keep them working. Modern
appliances are built to last 5 or 6 years. It's pathetic.

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Oh man, mine needs mufflers. It is a loud mouth, but I've gotten my money's
worth out of the thing these 13 years.

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I had a worlpool top loder that broke down after 5 and 1 half years. Was
always very loud in the spin cycle.

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WorlPool is supposed to be a good brand. Not sure what brand ours is...

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It probably depends on the frontloader. You probably have a more expensive
one than they were willing to pay for here.

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From: heather albright
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 8:45 AM
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That is not true! My world pool front loder has a button to stop the machine
and you can drop something in to the machine and turn it back on. So it is
not true you cant add things to the machine when it starts if you have
afront loader. Please make sure to get your facts straight.
Front loaders
do not use as much water and they do not have an agitator that your loads
can get stuck on. SO when shopping, ask if the front loader has a stop
button to add items after the machine starts; most do unless you are getting
the very low end machine!
cheers Heather
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If you forget to put something in a front loader washer,
you cannot
add it. My roommate did that one time without thinking,
and there was
quite a flood. Of course the water just came right out
when she
the door.
With a top loader, you can open the lid and put it in
before it fills
up all the way. I like "more better for that reason.
Some of my aids
put the front loader back on thinking that it is the
dryer. So the
clothes go through the cycle again with just water. Then
they think
that the dryer is broken when the clothes are still wet.
I then make
them pay for the dryer on top so that they will learn to
use their
head for more than a hatrack. One of them put a drum very
mine on the
heater. I could not understand why I kept hearing
snapping sounds een
the heater was stopping during cycles. It took me a week
to find what
the sound was. A maintenance man came in to do something
for me, and
he told that my drum was on the heater. The tuning
strings were
expanding when the heat would switch on, and then they
would snap back
when the heat would turn off. I was not happy with the
aid. I knew
who did it based on who was here and when I began hearing
the snapping
sound coming from the heater. Thank the Lord that the
drum was ok and
not damaged. That was a miracle. No instrument or
electronic device
should ever be near weather or heat and air conditioner.
Never near a


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