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Starting with iOS 13 this is now possible as iOS now allows users to download files from Safari into a downloads folder on the device. This is true for some apps but not others. As an example, apps such as Bard Mobile, Learning Ally or Audible allow for the downloading of content but that content is not stored as separate files in the downloads folder but is instead downloaded and used with the app itself. Therefore, with those particular apps this means that if you delete the app you also delete the files that you use with that app.

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On 5/30/2020 11:15 PM, A.Mac via wrote:

hi, can you download  from a third party on a i-pad. i.e a film or a book from a e-mail group.

On 30/05/2020 09:57, David Goldfield wrote:

I have a different view on this topic. For some sighted users an iPad may, under certain conditions, be a good replacement for a Windows laptop, particularly if you use it with a keyboard. You can use Office as well as the iWork suite, browse the Web, check your email and have a system that's portable, very fast and extremely secure. However, while VoiceOver is great using it on a touch screen its performance with a keyboard is just barely adequate compared to using a Windows screen reader, particularly JAWS. Its Web navigation capabilities using a keyboard are very poor, speech sometimes reads incorrectly while navigating a document I'm trying to edit and there just aren't enough keyboard commands to provide certain types of information that I can easily access with JAWS. If an iPad with a keyboard and VoiceOver offered me the same level of accessibility as I am used to with JAWS or NVDA I'd definitely consider using an iPad as a secondary computer. As an example, there are so many options to configure how JAWS works with Microsoft Word which just are not going to be available with VoiceOver on an iPad. However, this is just not available at this time. In addition, I also use Leasey, a third party tool that runs alongside of JAWS to provide even more productivity and VoiceOver just doesn't offer such an option. If you want to invest in an iPad feel free to do so. I think it's a great tablet with very nice touch screen accessibility and adequate accessibility if you want to type a quick email. However, don't throw away that laptop because, if you're even somewhat accustomed to using Windows, I think you will find the iPad to be frustrating and very disappointing.

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Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
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On 5/30/2020 4:38 AM, Victor wrote:
Hi Josh:

I don’t own an iPad Pro, but I plan to get one soon and use it as my laptop replacement. I currently own an iPad mini 2 and I have used an iPad Pro before. In my opinion, there is no reason why the iPad cannot replace the traditional laptop. With the right apps, the iPad can perform all common computer tasks and most heavy duty tasks. Even the most advanced ones.

If you would like to know more, look up a website called the tech juggernaut. On that website, there is information about using the iPad as an alternative to the traditional laptop. Plus, there are many YouTube videos about this.



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These days in 2020, with iPad OS, is it possible to replace your laptop with an iPad and use an iPad as your main computing device? Or is a windows laptop still necessary? With mouse support in the latest iPad OS I would think replacing a laptop with an iPad is becoming easier all the time. So have any of you got rid of desktops and laptops running windows and just use your iPhone or iPad as your main computing device?





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