Re: Audio Editing software that will allow you to change pitch?

Ron Canazzi

Hi Melissa,

Gold Wave will do the trick for you.  I use Karaoke files and some of them are not in an optimal key for me.  I use the pitch change option under the effects menu (alt + C for effects menu followed by P for pitch change.)  You can either change by percentage or by tone.  The tone change is most intuitive. They give you 4 choices for semi-tone: C to B (down one half step.)  C to C Sharp (up one half step) C to D (up one step.) and D to C (down one step.)  They also give you choices for up one octave or down one octave and if you want an odd number of step change such as a minor third (up/down one and a half steps,) you can use the half step up/down item to move the desired number of steps.

Good luck.

On 6/1/2020 1:40 PM, Melissa wrote:
Hello group. Has anyone had any experience with using an accessible
audio editor that will allow you to change the pitch of a track? I'm
using Windows10 or I can possibly use a mac if necessary. Thanks for
your help.

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