Re: Accessible third party clients for Facebook and Instagram

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Akshaya, I have you to thank for giving me a chance to try to help. I'm not
into Facebook or Instagram per se, but both may be calling out for me and if
I can take off my headset, I'll probably hear their voices!

In any case, as I prepare to launch a new online storefront, I'm seriously
considering getting the business shoved off to Facebook Shop, Instagram and
a few other platforms. Whether or not I'll get any real results, no idea;
but, since I love to tinker, playing with the thought and actualising it
might not be too bad.

As for my sarcasms, that's been my lifeblood! Even though it gets me in
trouble now and then, I believe that learning is more fun if we can get a
good laugh as part of the process. So, let the learning continue, and let's
have more fun doing it.

With that, I go back to facing the book I've been trying to read though I
keep falling asleep! But, sheesh, please don't tell anyone I said that.
Take care and all the very best!

Denver, Colorado

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