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Hi William.  I have an HP Elitebook 8570P, and if your laptop is anything like mine, on the bottom near the rear of the unit where the battery is located, you will find 2 releases that feel like switches that are spring loaded.  One of them releases the battery, and the other releases the cover.  With the unit on a table with the rear facing you, I believe that the left latch releases the battery, just release it and tilt the battery toward you.  The right latch releases the cover, just kind of push down gently and slide it away from you.  My HD was held in with four spring-loaded screws.  It is very easy to replace.


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I have a HP Elitebook 850 and I want to replace the 320gb drive with a larger one.

Does anybody know how to unlock the cover?

It has a slide release switch, but also needs to be unlocked, and I can’t figure out where the lock is or how to unlock it.





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