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On Jun 4, 2020, at 7:15 PM, Greg Daniel <gdaniel@...> wrote:


I have an older 1TB Western Digital USB drive, and I ran the PC executable and am backing up my files on my desktop computer.  I am using JAWS 2019 and Windows 10, but haven't yet figured out how to schedule the timing of backups; so far, I've let them happen when they will, but hope to get some assistance in order to figure out a better way to schedule backups.


At 07:09 PM 6/4/2020, you wrote:
Hi List,
Tlday I got a 4 tb usb powered  external drive.  It is a Western Digital My Passport.
There are 2 applications  on the drive; 1 is for the mac and the other for windows.
Do I need to run the windows application if I want to use this device with my pc?
P s;  I purchased it from
for 150 bucks Canadian, including taxes.

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