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Pamela Dominguez

Oh, I hate when they don't tell you what they did. It's like they're afraid that then, you will be able to do it yourself and won't call back. Not fair! Unless the guy's english was so bad he didn't know how to tell you. But that's still not fair. Pam.

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I have an hp desktop. So I called MS support and they had to fix my drivers
that would not update, i guess. I asked the guy to tell me what he did and I
guess he did not get it. So they fixed it but, I do not know what they did
even though I asked him how they resolved my issues!It seems I have 2 sound
cards according to him which I did not know I did have. So I still do not
know which one jaws is using, they did not tell me! I did not get a report
of what they did after the call so if it happens again, I still do not know
how to fix it on my own! I ran the trouble shooter and it kept telling
everything was worker right but, when he did it, it said it had problems. So
wondering what he did to fix them for next time woe! Heather
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] having sound issues

This has happened to my partner after every major Windows update. She
has a Dell Lattitude and is using JAWS. Dell had her disable the Real
Tech audio drivers so the computer would use the computer speakers.
This does fix the issue but like I said, every major update
re-installs the Real Tech drivers again and this process starts all
over again. Hope this helps.

Wendy Walker

On 6/4/20, heather albright <> wrote:
Hello, after the windows update, my sound is crappy, it gets really loud and
than goes really low. It saids my drivers are up to date . So how do I fix
this issue, it is quite annoying I am using jaws or NVDA they both have the
same issue, loud and low. Thanks Heather

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