Re: An Old Program

john s

Howard, no, you use your context key. Navigate to a directory and hit your context key and look for the pathcopy pulldown.

At 08:19 PM 6/5/2020, Howard Traxler, wrote:
Thanks Ron, but it looks pretty complicated to me. I downloaded it and it contains hundreds of files that I don't understand. Looks like source code in the C language. The install program doesn't even seem to be an executable. Do I need a C compiler to put it together? I just don't know where to start. It seems like, in the old days, this chore was done with a simple one-line batch file. I sure am behind in this stuff.


On 6/5/2020 4:31 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Howard,

There is a Windows version of such a program that is far superior to the old DOS based program or perhaps Windows 98 program you are referring to. It is free and is called Path Copy and it's address is
This program runs from the context menu and you can do a number of things with it. It copies long name, short name, long path, short path. It can copy the exact file names of all the files in a folder to clipboard and you can then paste the list into a text editor and save it anywhere you want.

This is what I use to make text delimited databases for all my music/movies/books.

On 6/5/2020 3:54 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Hi anyone,
Years ago, I had a program that made a text (.txt) file containing a list of the files in a given folder and put the text file in that folder. Wonder if anyone has that little utility and could tell me where to get it and how to use it? Appreciate it. Thanks.



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