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Hi Greg,

Just to be clear, The rows with the value of “In-Person Court Certified” that I wish to hide are noncontiguous. I.E. spread all over the place. SO I know I can individually hide a row with this particular value with alt+h+o, but it doesn’t’ seem that there’s anywhere to enter in the text value of “In-Person Court Certified” before hiding the rows if I select the entire range.




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Hi Chris,

To hide rows & columns in Excel (and I am also a JAWS user),

 1. Select a range of cells you'd like to hide.
 2.  Open the Format command of the home ribbon with Alt-H, O.

 3.  DownArrow to Hide & Unhide and press Enter.

 4.  In the drop-down list, select to hide the row, column or sheet and press Enter.  If you have selected rows or columns, the selected rows and columns are hidden from view, but are still part of the spreadsheet.



At 08:24 PM 6/7/2020, you wrote:

Hello list,
So, I’m having a bit of  a brain cramp here and need a refresher.
I periodically receive an excel spreadsheet (Office 2016) with hundreds of rows of data for my interpreting business. I have to select which assignments I can cover. There are a myriad of languages and services in this spreadsheet throughout the state of California. As I mainly cover Spanish language assignments, filtering by that language is easy enough, but within that language, there is another criteria in another cell specifying the type of interpretation service requested. Legal, Medical, standard, etc. So, I don’t really cover legal interpretation
And this is where I’m stuck. I’d like to be able to hide the appointments/rows where the requested service is “In Court Certified,” but can’t find where to do it. I’ve poked around online and there are some step-by-step instructions, but either I can’t follow the sequence or they involve macros. I’m not against using macros per say even though I’m not too familiar with them, but I figure there has to be a way to simply hide the rows I’m not interested in seeing and condensing the spreadsheet.
These appointments are pretty much first come first serve, so being able to better filter out the superfluous ones would be a huge help to my productivity instead of sifting through one by one to see if it’s legal or not.
I’m mainly a Jaws user, but I suppose this sort of inquiry can apply to Jaws or NVDA.
Any input would be appreciated.

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