Re: FocusRite USB Audio Interfaces and Accessible Software

Debbie April Yuille

Thanks. People have recommended that I use Reaper, so, I’ll use that.




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Hi.  I wrote earlier but I don't know if my mail came through propperly.  Anyway, I do own a 2nd generation FocusRite 18I8 USB/thunderbolt audio interface.  The interface consists of two components, the settings in which you can increase or decrease the sample rate and audio buffer size, and the mixer component which I am afraid is not accessible at all.  I did have a go at trying to make the mixer component more accessible by trying to create NVDA and jaws scripts for it, but I discovered that the mixer component is written with a framework that does not allow for the standard accessible interface on windows to be exposed.  Cheers!

On 7/6/2020 4:58 pm, Debbie April Yuille wrote:

Hi All


Has anyone had any experience with FocusRite USB audio interfaces. If so, what screen reader-accessible software do you use to control them?






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