heather albright

Well, I am thinking after all my testing that one of my speakers has a short in it! So has anyone heard of a set of speakers that does not rely on a cable to connect the other speaker. That one has to rely on a connecting cable to pare both speakers? I refuse to buy a set of speakers where one always has a connecting wire to it, rather just have one that allows one to connect both speakers manually! My speaker with the wire is the one with the short. I had to reconnect the speakers to the pc with a different audio cable to figure out it was not the audio sound card. I am not very technical about what you would call a set of speakers connected by a cable instead of one speaker having a wire that connect to the other speaker. I want to avoid this issue if the one with the wire has the short again! I only had these speakers for 5 years, my others lasted 10 years and I actually gave them to someone when I moved! Thanks Heather


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