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Howdy Joe,
I never have problems with reading the incorrect amount of files / folders anywhere on either my Windows 7 or 10 computers.  I always set my view settings to, List , Sort by, Name , and Group by, None.
Maybe you can give these settings a try to see if you like them, and if not, switch them to whatever,  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.
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Hi Joe, this issue was mentioned on Freedom Scientific podcast 184, they suggested making sure the file view is set to detailed mode.  Below is a transcript of the question.
And my second thing is kind of a longstanding thing that I’ve noticed, I just thought to bring up, probably all the way back to XP, I’m thinking.  The
reporting of the number of items in a list view in File Explorer or Windows Explorer is not very accurate.
So, for example, let’s say you’re in the Documents folder, and you’re moving down into seven of 12, and you’re moving down eight, nine.  And then it’ll
say, like, 14 of 22.  So it’s almost like it’s not seeing everything, or completely getting the total count of items in there.  And I’ve noticed that,
I think that’s been going on for a pretty long time.
GLEN:  And you’re running Windows 10 currently?
JASON:  Yes, sir.
GLEN:  Yeah.  This has come up in the last year or so, and I remember actually personally looking at it and not being able to replicate the problem in
more recent versions of Windows 10.
JASON:  Okay.
GLEN:  But I admit I haven’t looked at it in the last six or nine months.  Or I may have just gotten it wrong.  So probably worth us investigating again.
JASON:  Yeah, I just noticed it this morning.  That’s kind of what made me think to bring it up.  It’s like, oh, since I’m on here, I might as well ask
about that.  I was going through the Documents folder, as a matter of fact, and it was kind of doing the same thing I just mentioned.  So thought that
was quite unusual.
GLEN:  We got something from Aaron Spears.  And he said he’s set to Details Mode.  And so am I.  And he said that in Details Mode for him he’s not seeing
that problem, where you only get a count of how many items are on the screen, rather than how many items are in the list.
JASON:  Okay.  Okay.
GLEN:  So you might try Details Mode and see if that improves things.
JASON:  Thank you.  Appreciate everybody’s time.  Thank you.
GLEN:  Yeah.
RACHEL:  Yeah, thank you so much.
GLEN:  Thank Aaron.  I take no credit.

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