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Hi.  There are Bluetooth speakers that are capable of very decent quality when it comes to music.  I have a pair of portable Bluetooth speakers that I bought for around $80 that is capable of producing good quality music which I use for listening to music on a daily basis of which I am quite satisfied with.  Cheers!

On 9/6/2020 11:29 pm, Gene wrote:
I mean, if you listen to music and want the best sound quality, you might want to discuss that.

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As implied in mhy last answer, getting a pair of speakers where the wires
can be detatched and replaced may solve your problem, or I would think a set
of bluetooth speakers would or some sort of USB speakers might. I'm not
sure if you lose sound quality to any extent using Bluetooth speakers.  If
you listen to music, you may want to discuss that.

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That's really bad design, ever having a cable permanently connected to a

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I cant get another cable because the cable that has a short is connected
permanently to the right speaker. I did get another cable, the one that
connected to the pc audio jack.My main issues is to find a pare of speakers
that has a long cord between them. I need about six feet to go across my
work area. All the USB speakers, have short cords. I am looking for another
2.0 or 2.1  satellite speaker system! I just will not use the brand of
speakers I had before. It claimed life time coverage and they refused to
honor it! Thanks Heather
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Why not just get another cable?  You would save a lot of money.  If the speakers stay in one place, that would be by far the cheapest way to solve the problem if it is the cable.

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Well, I am thinking after all my testing that one of my speakers has a short in it! So has anyone heard of a set of speakers that does not rely on a cable to connect the other speaker. That one has to rely on a connecting cable to pare both speakers? I refuse to buy a set of speakers where one always has a connecting wire to it, rather just have one that allows one to connect both speakers manually! My speaker with the wire is the one with the short. I had to reconnect the speakers to the pc with a different audio cable to figure out it was not the audio sound card. I am not very technical about what you would call a set of speakers connected by a cable instead of one speaker having a wire that connect to the other speaker. I want to avoid this issue if the one with the wire has the short again! I only had these speakers for 5 years, my others lasted 10 years and I actually gave them to someone when I moved! Thanks Heather

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