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I don't know how chargers work technically these days. In the old days, you could put your ear next to a charger and the hum would be different if the batteries are charging. It would be a rougher sound. Also, as I said, there are light detectors.

I had a charger where there was nothing wrong with the batteries and it is very unlikely there is anything wrong with any of yours. But for some reason, the contacts didn't make proper contact with some of the batteries as I continued to use the charger. I put the batteries in the charger, and would turn one or more batteries until I heard the charger make a different charging hum when I put my ear to it. I think I would listen, turn, again put my ear to the charger, turn if necessary, etc. It may have been annoying to hear the sound of turning the batteries with my ear touching the charger so I would listen, move my ear away, turn one or more batteries, and so on. And of course, using a light detector would accomplish the same thing.

Also, in case of unexpected problems, it would be a good idea to keep a set of alcaline batteries of the kinds you use so that, if unexpectedly necessary, you can use nonrechargeable batteries. These batteries keep their charge a long time, about two years.


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But what if one of my batteries has gone bad and the charger is flashing to indicate that a battery is not charging and I needed them to record a meeting? I have just charged my batteries for 6 hours in vain, and do not have functioning batteries for my recorder. If someone definitely knows of a charger that indicates when charging is complete with an audible notification, that information would be welcome. Thanks everyone.

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It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on an audible battery charger,if such a device even exists in the first place. I have a simple and inexpensive DuraCell AA and AAA battery charger which has no audible feedback. So i simply plug it in for six hours with a pair of batteries to ensure that they get fully recharged. I know that the charger is working because the batteries become warm to the touch while they are recharging. Six hours is the recommended charging time for NiMH batteries, which should last about 500 recharging cycles, so they should last a long time before they go bad .


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Hi everyone. I have several sets of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries that I use, and I am trying to find an affordable charger that will beep or give some sort of audible indication when my batteries are finished charging, or if they are going bad. I can’t always ask the wife to tell me when the lights are green or if they are flashing. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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