bluetooth and USB speakers

heather albright

So, I have decided to try blutooth speakers instead of the 3.5 kind! I had a poor experience in the past with the gem2  2 set of speakers, the lag was real bad when one used jaws or NVDA! So wondering if all Bluetooth speakers will have that lag? Also, do you lose the connection or do they stay connected? My old set would lose connection after so much time, it was real annoying! I am thinking of powered Bluetooth speakers  not ones that rely on a battery!

I have a good pare of USB speakers however, I cant use them with my desktop as the cord that goes between the two speakers is to short by a mile! So I have them connected to my fire stick. I am glad I purcheased them when they were on sale for 39 as now they cost 240 woe! In my search, that seems to be a common complaint with USB speakers, their cord is not long enough unless you are using a laptop set up! Thanks, Heather


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