Re: Pontes Media Downloader Seems to Be Broken

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I had a problem a few days or so ago.  That was when my JAVA program updated.  When this happens, almost every time, I must uninstall and reinstall Pontes. 

My opinion is that there are two reasons for the Pontes program malfunctioning from time to time.  The first is the aforementioned Youtube update itself which is their apparently vein attempt to thwart downloads.  The other reason is the one I just stated concerning JAVA. 

A few weeks ago, Pontes was broken because of what Youtube itself did.  A few days ago, I experienced the issue and it was shortly after JAVA updated.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it works--even just five minutes ago: this writing.

On 6/10/2020 9:37 PM, Moty Azrad wrote:

Dear Evan,


Try to uninstall the program, restart the PC AND TRY REINSTALLING IT AGAIN.


Hope it helps.





Moti Azrad 

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From: <> On Behalf Of Evan Reese
Sent: 11 June, 2020 4:29
Subject: [TechTalk] Pontes Media Downloader Seems to Be Broken


Hey Guys,

A while back, some people here seemed to be having problems with their Pontes Media Downloader while mine was working fine.

Unfortunately, recently though, I cannot download anything with it.

I originally had version 2.1. When I tried downloading with that, it would play the downloading sound effect, then a short time later it would play the sound when downloading was finished. So I went and looked in the Pontes Media Downloader folder but nothing was there. I first tried updating the download engine, but it told me that it couldn’t find current version.

Then, I installed version 3.1. I tried downloading some things with that. It would play the sound when a download started, then just do nothing after that. I looked at the menus, and it told me that control-d, the key combo for downloading was unavailable. I waited a bit longer, but nothing appeared in the default folder, which I have not changed.

I then went into Options and updated the download engine, but it told me that the engine was up to date and gave me an Okay button I had to press.

I’m still unable to download anything with it. I did clear out the Pontes Media Downloader folder because someone here mentioned that they had some trouble when more than a dozen or so files were in that. Nothing is in it now, but still no ability to download.

Any ideas what else I can try?

Oh, I’m using Windows 7, and was using an older version of PMD with that until a few weeks ago.

Thanks for any ideas.



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