Questions: Two iPhones and Hot Spots

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

In May, I couldn't resist buying the second generation iPhone SE for the relatively low price of $400 US.  I already had an iPhone 8 from a few years ago.  I then cloned the data from the iPhone 8 to the new iPhone and have virtually identical iPhones with respect to data.  I only have a SIM card in the older iPhone 8.  When I am on the road in a vehicle or otherwise, I take the iPhone 8 with me.

The iPhone 8 has an account with Spectrum for their $14 for 1 GB data plus unlimited talk and text monthly.

I notice that when I am on the orad and I want to use the iPhone 8 for data--such as listening to a radio station, when I check to see what I am hooked up to for Internet, it says: 'Ron's iPhone: hot spot.  I have cellular data turned off on the iPhone 8 and I have the iPhone second generation SE turned on and connected to my high speed home network via WIFI.

I no longer see an increase in data for my Spectrum account.  It is as if somehow, the newer iPhone is acting as a hot spot and is using my WIFI for Internet access and is transferring this information--somehow--to my iPhone 8 when I am on the road.

My questions are: first, am I right about this?  Is my new iPhone acting as a hot spot and bypassing any need for a remote cellular data path or public WIFI?  And if so, what network or method is the newer iPhone using to accomplish this?  I haven't tried it when traveling very far from home, but I have been about 5 miles away when I have experienced this behavior.

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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