Re: firefox keeps refreshing, help please?


I doubt there is any such setting except for using a script blocker or turning off JAVA script. Any applicable setting aside from those may be in your screen-reader. I'm not sure NVDA has such a setting. I think JAWS does. But it may be much more simple and easy to try Chrome or some other browser.

Also, your current Firefox is two or more years out of date. Why are you using such an old version? Updating may not help your probolem, though you can try if you wish, but it’s a bad idea to use an old version of a browser for general browsing.


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Subject: [TechTalk] firefox keeps refreshing, help please?

HI, I was told when I posted this issue before about making a change in the firefox settings, but I have not been able to find anything regarding this issue in the settings for firefox.

When I open a page on firefox, the page constantly refreshes when I arrow down the page, sending the cursor back up to the top of the page, making reading a webpage or finding exactly what I am looking for on said page impossible.

Could someone walk me, step by step, into correcting this issue?

version 52.9.032

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