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I agree with Gene. In fact, if a computer is performing poorly or slower than it ought to be performing it is very likely not the fault of the screen reader. It could be due to any number of factors but I can almost assure you that JAWS is probably not going to be one of them. Did the slow performance begin right after Windows was upgraded to Windows 10 or was it noticed a while afterward? It's impossible for us to say exactly what would cause this. Possibilities include items loading during system start which might not need to be loaded and which could be consuming system resources, Windows 10 engaging in file indexing, Windows 10 or some other programs updating in the background, scanning from a legitimate antivirus program, some unknown and unwanted third party application which got installed while installing something else, a virus or some other form of malware, a problematic hard drive ... you get the idea. If someone thinks it's JAWS ask them why they believe that this is the case. I don't know the extent of your computer skills and how comfortable you are in checking for some of the things I've outlined above. If you are not I would ask someone with good computer skills who you trust to check for these things.

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On 6/11/2020 6:31 PM, Gene wrote:
You almost certainly don't need more than 8GB of RAM unless you use memory intensive programs which the majority of users don't.  Did the person test your computer with and without JAWS running?  Did the tech check your memory usage during slow performance?  Did you test it running Narrator?

Be suspicious any time a tech blames a screen-reader for a problem.  Of course, a screen-reader may cause a problem, but techs love to blame screen-readers for problems just because they are unfamiliar with the programs and they aren't typical kinds of programs, they are made for blind people, not a typical program, and of course they are therefore suspect and second rate programs.

Also, what synthesizer are you using?  The newer symthesizers use more memory but Eloquence doesn't use much and I've used it without the screen-reader causing any problems on machines that had enough memory, but barely.

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What is the suggested amount of ram for windows 10 and jaws?

My system is very slow and I've had a guy who is an active computer updater look at it and he says it's probably jaws that is slowing down the system.

He's the same guy who updated my system from the factory default windows 7 to windows 10 when microsoft offered the free update.

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