Re: suggested amount of RAM for jaws and windos 10

Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi There!

I have been running windows 10 using 4 GB and really do not see any sort of slow down or sluggishness.  I suspect that it would run a bit smoother with a bit more ram but I really do not see any sort of significant slow down.  When I finally get around to upgrading the ram I will find out if it runs any faster. Just my 2-sense worth! Catch Ya Later! de

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On 11-Jun-20 18:54, Loy wrote:
My guess would be that your computer's processor would be the main reason for the slow down after upgrading toWindows 10.  I had a laptop that was running Windows 7 just fine and I upgraded it to windows 10 and it slowed  it down a lot. I finally bought me a new laptop with a faster processor and it works great. It has 8 GB.Some say that 4GB is enough . ---- Original Message -----
From: Keith S
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2020 6:15 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] suggested amount of RAM for jaws and windos 10

What is the suggested amount of ram for windows 10 and jaws?
My system is very slow and I've had a guy who is an active computer updater  look at it and he says it's probably jaws that is slowing down the system.
He's the same guy who updated my system from the factory default windows 7 to windows 10 when microsoft offered the free update.

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