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Dana Leet

That really is disheartening, after I spent quite a bit of money on KNFB Reader that they’re not even updating it. But I like Voice Dream scanner a lot better anyways so I think the character recognition is much more accurate.

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Maybe someone is still using it.It was only tenor twelve rears ago when the knfb reader on a special nokia phone was about 3 thousand dollars.

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Voice Dream Scanner is good too.

I was given my iPhone by a local charity and they bought KNFB Reader for me. I'm glad I didn't buy it because it was so Expensive. Since they are no longer updating that app, I would have been upset at the waste of money.

Prismo is another good app and I think it costs around $13. I’m pretty sure Prismo and Voice Dream scanner are both available to android as well as iOS.

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Sis Carrie wrote:

"Haha. Okay, I thought so... but I was hoping I was missing something.
Yes, I have tried Speak. And Envision AI. Are there any others to try?"

Here are two more: Eye-D, it does have a pro version and I think it
requires a subscription if memory serves.

The second is SuperSense; this was free for some time, but now they
are slowly introducing the subscription module.

Sorry sis, there's one more: Microsoft Office Lens?

I have tried some of these with very little lucky success; my spatial
orientation does need some work and, I just cquired a new toy with
enough storage space so I can go back to the exploration desk in Androidville.

Denver, Colorado

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