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I don't know where you get your information about what NNFB believes about Android but it sounds like pure nonsense. If you are saying that Newsline doesn't have an Android App, that may be, I haven't checked. But I am very skeptical that your characterization about NFB and Android is remotely accurate.
I have seen all sorts of nonsense about NFB over the years. I am not a member, but I was years ago and I have never seen a propensity to adopt extreme positions such as that, especially when a lot of its members surely use Android.

A brief Google search for NFB Android yields these, among its results:
Introducing Our New and Improved NFB Films App for Android - NFB ...
KNFB Reader | National Federation of the BlindDeveloped by the National Federation of the Blind and Sensotec NV, KNFB Reader is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.
And When NFB discusses Newsline for Android, it mentions android as in the following quote from a web page:
Simply point your smartphone's browser to and access your favorite content using Talkback for Android or VoiceOver for iOS.

If you see something about NFB that sounds ridiculous, be suspicious and skeptical.


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Dana, NFB favors iOS over anything Android! It doesn't believe that Android
is accessible and usable by the blind. Even its newsline has no LINE IN THE
SAND in Androidville. Fortunately, blind Android enthusiasts don't care;
why? We have far too many news agregators to pick and choose from, so,
we're not missing the NFB Newsline at all!

The only reason why the KNFB Reader saw some light in Androidville was
because, some time back, Google subsidised it to the tune of $1 million!
Because of what Google did, Androideans got the KNFB Reader app for $19.99!
Without mincing words, it's the best $20 I ever wasted on any app.

If the KNFB Reader is NO LONGER being actively developed for iOS, that's
truly sad! Thankfully, other iOS apps are filling in the niche nicely.

Denver, Colorado

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