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enes sarıbaş

I would avoid the creative ones. There are reports online that the driver software  has bugs under 10, and that the direct mode, whith enhancements disabled,  isn't as neutral as it should be. Moreover, the enhancements would mess with NVDA or JAWS, and be annoying.

On 6/12/2020 7:27 PM, heather albright wrote:
I am trying to find one that supports Dolby digital  sound for my audio files. I heard the Creative Sound Blaster was a good brand. Has anyone used this type of sound card? Also do you have to use proprietary software or will windows10 detect the sound card. I keep reading about them off amazon and first they say you can plug and goe and than they said you have to  to use Creative Sound Blaster  controls to do ajustments to the sound card. That is fine but will the drivers be accessible to jaws or NVDA? Thanks Heather  ----- Original Message ----- From: "enes sarıbaş" <enes.saribas@...>
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But isn't there a midrange, to high grade price range? I read around 100-200 dollars average for a good one.

On 6/12/2020 8:45 AM, Smiling? wrote:
Honestly, as much as you the user would like to pay. Very similar to most anything else within this world of ours and I am very certain that this specifically was not the answer you were seeking, but it's definitely the truth.

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How much does a very good USB soundcard cost? I bought a pair of high res audiophile grade headphones, and  the reviews say you definately need an external DAC/soundcard to drive them to get all the quality.

On 6/4/2020 3:15 PM, chris judge wrote:
It seems to be an issue common with dell. I have an XPS 8930, and although I love the machine for the most part, I've had many issues with the sound. I finally ordered a good USB sound card and M going to forgo the onboard sound card.

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The further glories of Windows 10.

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This has happened to my partner after every major Windows update. She has a Dell Lattitude and is using JAWS. Dell had her disable the Real Tech audio drivers so the computer would use the computer speakers.
This does fix the issue but like I said, every major update re-installs the Real Tech drivers again and this process starts all over again. Hope this helps.

Wendy Walker

On 6/4/20, heather albright <kd5cbl@...> wrote:
Hello, after the windows update, my sound is crappy, it gets really
loud and than goes really low. It saids my drivers are up to date .
So how do I fix this issue, it is quite annoying I am using jaws or
NVDA they both have the same issue, loud and low. Thanks Heather

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