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But once again, we are all quite different within our various senses, quite quite different sometimes, and quite quite similar other times. so saying that as such a blanketed matter of fact, I would strongly disagree with. Some of us have the abilities to hear certain things, to taste certain things, and to smell certain things, on and on we could go with examples, but the outcome would remain the very same. We as I know you very well know, are all different in so so many different ways where saying something so blanketed like that just isn't at all true.

I also strongly agree with what you said below. The vast majority of people would not and could not tell the differences between a fifty dollar card and a seventy five dollar card specifically with basic equipment, but one wearing headphones would have the best chances of hearing these differences (if the person truly was able) and the equipment would not need to be class A either.

Class A audiophile equipment is truly nothing cheap at all. I used to work with companies such as Van den Hul, McCormack Audio, Counterpoint and such and you are generally looking at prices starting at one piece keep in mind, for the lowest would be around fifteen hundred (which is cheap) or more and again, that is jus one piece which you can't do all that much with if you do not have other equipment such as pre-amp, amp, CD Transport, DAC etc etc. and we haven't even spoke of speakers yet right along with cabling. The point is that true audiophile equipment is nothing cheap at all, probably quite a bit more than many of you are imagining. It's truly surprising at just how high some humans out there will actually go, but again, some will be able to hear the differences there within and others will not.

No different than taste so on and so forth. So taking all that into account, again most will not be able to tell, but some of us actually can. The sad thing, is for most, having an option of hearing such a system, is unfortunately not all that common of a thing at all for the vast majority of us.

When you go into some studios, they are just insanely accurate (meaning that you can hear the results of circuitry changes, patch cord changes so on and so forth) because this specific studio I am speaking of was the head engineers/owner studio and he had it set up because he wanted to actually hear the various differences to whatever changes he thought up for whatever pieces. Steve McCormack is his name and we was known as having golden ears, but some people would go in there and not at all be able to hear the various differences. These were co-workers and it just surprised me that some could, and some could not hear these differences, but hen I started thinking about like I said up above, some of us can taste certain things within whatever and others for whatever reasons can not and that is just speaking of one sense.

To give you an idea of the price of a Class A set up, this one spoke of up above was a low six figure studio, trust me, it's ridiculous, but it's truly a sweet thing to hear. Phenomenal would probably be more accurate of a word used.

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I don't know what your needs are. I doubt anyone but an audiophile, and then an audiophile with very good equipment, would tell any meaningful difference after something like a fifty dollar or 75 dollar sound card.

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Gene, the 200 dollars is apparently the midrange for a DAC.

There isn't anything even worth consideration under 75.

I did my research, and it looks like the zen dac by ifi is good to meet my needs.

On 6/13/2020 6:11 AM, Gene wrote:
The question is, at what point do you get no meaningful benefit for
additional money spent? But I doubt you need to spend more than
something like fifty dollars. I'm not saying you won't get better
quality with more money, but will people hear it? AnI think that,
beyond a certain point of spending, the headphones or speakers are
much more important than the sound card.

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Honestly, as much as you the user would like to pay. Very similar to
most anything else within this world of ours and I am very certain
that this specifically was not the answer you were seeking, but it's
definitely the truth.

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How much does a very good USB soundcard cost? I bought a pair of high
res audiophile grade headphones, and the reviews say you definately
need an external DAC/soundcard to drive them to get all the quality.

On 6/4/2020 3:15 PM, chris judge wrote:
It seems to be an issue common with dell. I have an XPS 8930, and
although I love the machine for the most part, I've had many issues
with the sound. I finally ordered a good USB sound card and M going
to forgo the onboard sound card.

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The further glories of Windows 10.

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From: wendy Sheld-Walker
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This has happened to my partner after every major Windows update. She
has a Dell Lattitude and is using JAWS. Dell had her disable the Real
Tech audio drivers so the computer would use the computer speakers.
This does fix the issue but like I said, every major update
re-installs the Real Tech drivers again and this process starts all
over again. Hope this helps.

Wendy Walker

On 6/4/20, heather albright <> wrote:
Hello, after the windows update, my sound is crappy, it gets really
loud and than goes really low. It saids my drivers are up to date .
So how do I fix this issue, it is quite annoying I am using jaws or
NVDA they both have the same issue, loud and low. Thanks Heather

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