Lisa Belville

How recent was this installation?  BARD had issues with the previous ap update and one released a week or so ago fixed the issue of needing to log in at the BARD site in able to conduct a search. The most recent version of BARD is 1.3.2.

Also, he needs to be registered with BARD and be sure his account is authorized to use his iPhone.  It is possible to have multiple devices authorized, but no downloads can take place on an unauthorized device. I'm not sure about just logging in using the app, though.

Lisa Belville

On 6/14/2020 7:53 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Hi All:

My buddy, a fellow Androidean, schleps around an iPhone7. A few days back,
he installed Bard Mobile for iOS 'cause he wanted to CHECK OUT its access to
.brf books/files.

The installation went well; when it was time to login, no matter what was
done, the login process was constantly aborted. Somehow, Bard Mobile for
iOS just won't accept the typed-in password entered at the login prompt
again and again, up to five tries before giving up! The same password was
entered in on an Android toy and voilá, the login was successful.

So, anyone knows what my buddy and I should have done differently?

Denver, Colorado

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