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for a start, if you are using the same computer to do both the recording, and the demo of what ever, you should seriously think about using 2 soundcards, as this will make life a lot easier.
you can then connect a mic to one of the mic channels on your mixer, and the output from which ever soundcard you are going to use for the demo of what ever to one of your stereo line-in channels on your mixer.
you then connect your main or tape outs on your mixer to the line-in on the other soundcard, which you will be using to do the recording. then, once you have set all of your levels up, (if you are using a mic, using headphones rather than speakers would probably work better for this), you should be about ready to go.
I hope this makes sense, please do ask if you have any further questions.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Query about Recording with Mixers

Hi All


I’ve heard on various podcasts, people using Mixers to Record themselves and their computer’s audio such as their screen reader or music. How exactly is this done?




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