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Joe Giovanelli

Good morning, Debbie,

Your question is one which is very difficult to answer. A lot depends on what you plan to record.

Here is basic information about mixers. Mixers permit the person to connect various devices to it. They can have connections of two or 16 or who knows how many.

The mixer is then connected to a recorder. The c onnections which put audio into the mixer are called "inputs." The connections which go to the recorder are known as outputs.

If one of the things you will record is your voice, then at least one of the inputs must be connected to a microphone. If you are to record the audio coming from your computer, you must connect the computer to at least one more of the mixer's inputs.

If you plan to record your keyboard, then at least one input of the mixer has to be connected to the output jack on the keyboard.

There is much, much more to this discussion and there is no way for me to write it all down. Books have been written about how to record sound. For example, you need to know how much sound should feed into the recorder. Too much sound, or signal, will cause distorted or poor sound. Too little signal will mean that the sound is softer than it should be for comfortable listening.

You have to ask questions such as" How loud should my voice be relative to the sound of the computer or your keyboard.

Once you have all of the equipment needded to make your recordings, it will take a great deal of experimentation to learn the best way to do these things.

I wish I could offer mmore help, but I hope this will at least give you a feel for the things involved in making good recordings.

Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY

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Subject: [TechTalk] Query about Recording with Mixers

Hi All

I've heard on various podcasts, people using Mixers to Record themselves and their computer's audio such as their screen reader or music.. How exactly is this done?


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