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Ann Parsons

Hi all,

Yes, Edge has been updated recently, but brushing somebody off with "His issue is that he's using a version of jaws older than 2020.",, I'm afraid is a cop out! That's about as bad as telling someone to RTFM.

If Edge has only recently become useful in Jaws or anything else, and if he doesn't have the latest and greatest screen reader, preventing him from accessing The New Edge, then other alternatives need to be found. How about trying a different browser? How about trying a different screen reader?

Sorry, but Edge is not the be all and end all of browsers. Neither is any other browser. They are tools, and sometimes they don't work, period! That's why a smart person uses more than one screen reader and more than one browser!

I dislike Edge because I don't happen to know its commands well at all, and even though I have Jaws 2020 and all, I'm not able to make it work successfully for my needs. So, I use Chrome! I even use IE on occasion. There are some few web sites that work best in IE. Yes, I know it's legacy, but if it works, who am I to fix it?

So let's stop being insular around here, eh? Let's open ourselves to the possibility that something other than Jaws may just be more effective in a given situation. It works the other way around too. I always proof books for Bookshare using Jaws. It works the best for this particular task. I would not use it for outlook because it can't decide what the Hell line it's reading in the folder summary. So, I use NVDA or SA. Ya got to be flexible, folks!

Ann P.

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His issue is that he's using a version of jaws older than 2020.
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There are lots of edit fields on web sites that aren't properly accessible.
I write the message in Notepad, then copy and paste it into the web site's
edit field.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Edge/Jaws settings questions
Hi all,
When I type a message or any info into one of those contact forms that lots
of websites use and I go back up to read the message or whatever info I want
to read Jaws doesn't read it. This also happens when I send someone a
message on Facebook. Also when I erase a letter in such a situation Jaws
doesn't tell me what I erased it just says blank. Now, are these things that
can be changed?
so, where do I go and how do I change these settings? I'd really like to be
able to read the message and info that I put in the forms before sending and
also the Facebook messages before sending and also know what I'm erasing.
I'm running the latest Edge, Jaws 18 and Windows 10. Thanks for any help
that anyone can provide me!!!!!!

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