Re: How to find out size of documents folder


Did the properties open? Also, how are you getting to the documents folder? I know little about this but Windows has something it calls library and the names of the library folders may be the same or very similar to the actual names of real folders.

If you use Windows 10, I can't tell you how you would work with the start search field or if you can do this. You can in Windows 7.
Open the search.
Type documents and see if documents is in the results.
If so, try moving as usual and opening properties if you need to. That will be the real documents folder, not the library aggregate folder. It may be that the library folder won't give you size information because the purpose of the library folder is to show files you place in it from anywhere on your hard drive. It is not a real folder and its size doesn't mean anything since you can have as many files from as many folders as you want displayed in that one folder.


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Thanks, but this did not work for Mme.

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Before you go into the documents folder, focus on it. Then do alt enter to go to the properties and with jaws, do insert be like boy to read the details

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I want to know the size of my documents folder, but I don't know how. Other folders I can arrow to the right and I see the size and other info.

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