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Monica Jones

Lol, you are right; these cases are wonderful! When I got my first one, the salesman threw his phone way up and kept hammering the desk with it. I'm talking loud enough to do serious hammering and damage. It didn't even touch the phone. One day I took a fall, skinning my face, arms, and knees in the process. Not a scratch on my phone.

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Hi Everyone:

Otterbox Defender cases are truly great in my opinion. To test its
efficiency, I've gotten into the habit of throwing my Shiny Android Galaxy
S5 against walls and picking it up. No dent or debris to be found anywhere!
It's my understanding that with this case, my device will survive a six-foot
drop and I believe I've heard this demonstrated in a YouTube video I
listened to once upon a time. If you're in the market for a great case, the
Otterbox Defender, headquartered right here in Fort Collins, the Centennial
state, is a good buy!!


Now, I DO NOT recommend to anyone to perform the kind and type of
experiments I do! I DO NOT ever get phones on any kind of contract from the
phone companies; I hate and detest contracts! I purchase UNLOCKED PHONES
from wherever I can find them! As such, I own my phone outright and I am
quite willing to ACCEPT blame if warranty is voided for any reason.

But, if you choose to give my experiments a try, YOU SOLELY DO SO at YOUR
OWN risk.

Denver, Colorado

Monni, the coffee gal
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