Re: Accessible Games Inquiry

Sam Taylor <sjt1982@...>

Sorry, forgot to mention that RSGames is available on the iPHone platform also.

On 20/06/2020 11:58 am, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Recently, I have been playing accessible games on my iPhone.  The two sets of games are Dice World and Game World.  Dice World is totally accessible.  Game World is mostly accessible.  These games include for Dice World: Farkle, three's, Yatsy, 1-4-24, and Pig. Game World has several cared games including one called Pirate Poker.  When I was a little boy before I lost my vision, my dad taught me how to play 5 card stud--known I believe as straight poker. Pirate Poker is based on this type of Poker.

However, absent in both these game sets is a simple game of Bingo. My wife loves Bingo and wants to know if there is any form of accessible Bingo of any sort for either the iPhone or PC.  I did a cursory search on the Apple App store and found a bunch of stuff that if for sophisticated gaming and requires a monthly fee.  The game mentioned above are free to use and to install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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