Re: Seems Sonos forgot blind users with new Sonos app

Robin Frost


That was my experience as well. Reading the agreement caused that button to manifest but it still took some doing to get to. I agree it was a bit of a misstep on their part but once past it the app is as friendly as it always has been even if some things have been renamed. Perhaps someone should politely make them aware of it either via email, phone call or @SonosSupport on Twitter.

Take good care.


On 6/19/2020 4:43 PM, Alan Robbins wrote:

I struggled with the same thing and finally got past it. Seems I clicked on
view the agreement, or a button by it,  then went through it a  bit, then
back to page 4 and there was an accept button or something like that. Very
frustrating, wish I could be of more help but that is what I remember.


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Hello list
I downloaded the new Sonos s2 app on my iPhone. I can not get past page 4 of
the explanations. There is no continue button. Has anyone succeeded to open
the app?

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