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Pamela Dominguez

I have an n82 I was given, also. But as far as snapping a picture quickly and correctly, I have to do it several times to get anything good out of it, unless I am lucky. Pam.

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From: Sharon S
Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2020 6:56 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] KNFB Reader

Hi, I still have my N82 around here for whenever I want to use KNFB reader. Even though it is old tech it still does what I need it to do.

I am starting to use some other apps on my android device. It is just a matter of getting use to them where I can snap a picture with the N82 quickly and correctly.

From Shaz.
Canberra, Australia.

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Sent: Sunday, 14 June 2020 2:14 PM
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When I received KNFB reader, the price was $100! That’s outrageous compared to what voice dream scanner and Prismo cost! Maybe they just gave up on developing the app because they know that these other apps are cheaper and just as good. I think KNFB reader was probably the most expensive app in the iOS App Store! There’s no way that I would pay $100 for any app. In my opinion, an app that expensive better be able to make me travel through time and perform amazing miracles! LOL

On Jun 13, 2020, at 8:40 PM, lynn white <> wrote:

ver heard anything that NFB has stopped production. Maybe there's no further development to make with it. Also, they may have let the SeeingAI group pick up the slack.

On 6/13/2020 5:35 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Dana, NFB favors iOS over anything Android! It doesn't believe that
Android is accessible and usable by the blind. Even its newsline has
no LINE IN THE SAND in Androidville. Fortunately, blind Android
enthusiasts don't care; why? We have far too many news agregators to
pick and choose from, so, we're not missing the NFB Newsline at all!

The only reason why the KNFB Reader saw some light in Androidville
was because, some time back, Google subsidised it to the tune of $1 million!
Because of what Google did, Androideans got the KNFB Reader app for $19.99!
Without mincing words, it's the best $20 I ever wasted on any app.

If the KNFB Reader is NO LONGER being actively developed for iOS,
that's truly sad! Thankfully, other iOS apps are filling in the niche nicely.

Denver, Colorado

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